Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011 KRI 88 RIDE

Group photo:  88 Cafe' Director -Mr Mah (Centre wih cowboy hat) and Mr Chong (on his left) group photos in
front of the banners

                                                 Mrs Kwan -  Mother & Son
Nelson - Father & Son

CM- final check ...

                                                                      Here We Go!
Support Team/Photographer

Guest !  1st rider to reach 88 Cafe 
Lau..the Chaser

Alwin...are you drafting behind?
I never give up...pls check what is wrong with my bike!

                                                       Alan Wong flying home.....

                                                        A well earned rest...At last!!

                                                                  Simon the newcomer
                                                        Ah Wah - The Road Warrior
                                                          I want to be No 1

                                                           The Conqueror
     Ah Loon...the Champion of the day! 新起之秀!

Water ...water ...I need some water !

Marshall taking a break, for a photo shot

The final dash......

CM.....Our MTB. Champion.

                                                        Ernest..... Virgin Ride to 88 Cafe

               Meng Meng... Never Say Die

Choy.......full of smile

I enjoy the ride ! Best outing

                                                     Ironman Wong..... Going for my run now

Lau...we ride and run together...

Nasi lemak lunch with famous strawberry coffee/tea from 88 Cafe !

                                                  Good Ride - Great Fellowship

Chinese Tea to warm up my body..

I had completed my first ride to 88 Cafe ! thanks for the support and encouragement !

Getting ready to ride home